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Gateway to the documents of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) 1602-1795.

Note: this database provides descriptions of VOC documents, not their images.

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Please, refer to Help for information about the contents and the use of this database.

The VOC documents contain data on e.g. people, language, landscape, fauna, flora, culture, religion, tradition, society, authorities, politics, commodities, technique, climate, agriculture, law, ownership of land, family relations, war, fishery, education, transport, economy, industry and trade in the regions of the VOC establishments, sometimes even on a village level.

The VOC documents are kept in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom.

This Database of VOC Documents aims to give easy access to all VOC archives in the world together.

We started with the description of documents shipped from the VOC establishments in Asia and Africa to the VOC management in the Netherlands. These records make up the series Overgekomen Brieven en Papieren (OBP). Regularly, new descriptions will be added. For details, see: Help.

In addition to this Database of VOC Documents, another important finding aid is available: the VOC inventories.

The VOC documents have been classified in series, which are arranged and described in inventories. These inventories (in some countries called catalogues) list the VOC archives in a logical structure and mirror the organisation and the activities of the VOC. Moreover, you will locate those records that have not been described in this Database of VOC Documents yet.

So do not forget to consult the 125 VOC inventories from all over the world too!